About Shanice

6 years ago, the book The Secret by Rhona Byrne stumbled into my life and planted the seed for my journey of life changing self-growth and personal development. It was the first time I had ever come across the concept that we are creating our life through our minds, as opposed to life being controlled by external circumstances.


From that day forward I have completely immersed myself in learning and exploring the world of personal development, human psychology, mindfulness and what makes people happy in life.


The things I learnt on this journey completely changed my life in the most profoundly positive way. I decided that it was my mission to share these life changing tools with other women and help them to up-level their own lives too.


Now my work as a coach and NLP Practitioner helps women to work through the things that are holding them back from living out their fullest potential and step into a more aligned and happy version of themselves.

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